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We created the Bale Flaker because we understand ranchers need efficient tools to feed cattle. The following comments about Bale Buddy and our feeding system attest to its functionality.

" I feed a semi-load of hay every 4 to 5 days. If you ever feed with a Big Bale Flaker, you won't want to do without one, I sure don't."
— Rick McLin, South Ridge Ranch, Elmore City, OK

"I've used the Big Bale Flaker, for seven years. It does a great job with very little maintenance. I am primarily a one-man operation and at my age, it would greatly hinder me to do without it."
— Chuck Ash, C & A Bar Ranch, Verona, MO

"My big bale flaker enables me to feed lower cost alfalfa as easily as cubes. When it comes to feeding protein supplementation to ranch cattle, the Big Bale Flaker and alfalfa hay are a hard combination to beat."
— John Sparks, Sparks Ranch, Hennepin, OK

Article as printed in the Farm Show

Square Bale Feeder Mounts On Pickup

Todd Whatley and John Sparks work on a 10,000-acre cattle ranch located in the Arbuckle Mountain region of Oklahoma. They found themselves feeding more and more big square bales to cattle but didn't have what they felt was a good way to do it.

"People feed big square bales the same way they used to feed out small square bales. They start and stop their pickups, constantly getting in and out to feed out by hand. Or they have one person driving and another rides on the back of the pickup flaking off the hay," says Todd Whatley.

"I heard one story about a man who put his pickup in low gear and walked alongside, flaking off hay. One day, the man stepped into an armadillo hole and by the time he recovered, the pickup had run into a ravine."

"Other farmers are chopping up the bales in a grinder or shredder and then taking the hay to the field."

Whatley and Sparks decided to come up with a new solution. The "BIG BALE FLAKER" mounts on any 8-ft. pickup flatbed or you can mount it on a trailer. It can also be positioned where it fits with a cube feeder and also where you can hook up a gooseneck trailer

Bales on Truck and Bale Being Cut

"When we designed it we tried to solve all the problems involved with the feeding of big square bales. It holds big square bales up to 20 by 48 in. and up to 8 ft. in length. Safety arms mount on front and rear of the bale. You take all the strings off the bale and head to the field."

If there is a need to take more than one bale at a time our reloading unit allows you to take 2 to 6 bales.

Both models are powered by motorized winches that move the bales. The flaker assist is powered by a two way power unit which consists of an electric motor and hydraulic pump that has its own one gallon fluid tank. If you just have the base unit installed, a gooseneck hitch can still be used without removing the bale unit. If you have the Flaker unit installed, it must be removed before you can hook up a gooseneck.

"We've conducted a worldwide patent search without finding anything similar. It works great and we think it will revolutionize the feeding of square bales to livestock. The big advantage is the simplicity - it can be operated by anyone - man, woman or older child."